Online Membership and Event Management System

MEMNET is a web based integrated Membership, Subscription and Event Management System built and securely hosted in Australia specifically for the Australasian market. A fully integrated administration and member facing solution offering integration to either your existing website or to a new website as well as to your accounting system. 

The MEMNET system is more than just a database, offering a wide range of member management solutions including Membership management, Subscription management, Accounting, Events, Bulk Communications and Reporting. The Member's self-service portal provides you with the ability of offering your Members a 24/7 service including access to security controlled content and real-time renewals. 

We can link with your existing web site or through  a new website we can offer a full design service as well as integration of a social forum, blog, shopping cart and much more. Contact us today to find out why MEMNET is becoming the integrated Membership and Event Management System of choice.


  • Memberships


  • Events


  • Subscriptions


  • Accounts


  • Mail Generation

    Mail Generation

  • Reporting


  • Web Integration

    Web Integration

  • Website Services

    Website Services

MEMNET offers a cost effective software solution to your membership management needs. The standard modules include Memberships, Subscriptions, Tasks and Bulk Mail Generation. The approach with MEMNET is for clients to optionally grow their system by selecting Additional Modules based on the functionality they require. MEMNET can easily be upgraded as needed, to ensure you only pay for what you really need.

The additional modules available are Event & Training Management, Accounts Receivable, Campaign Management, Report Master (ad hoc reporting) and Website Integration - making MEMNET much more than just a membership database. We also provide full website development services as well as solutions for Social Media and Knowledgebase.